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Digital printing vs. traditional printing on textile

February 18, 2009

Here is a short summary on digital vs traditional printing on textile.
Digital printing is known as it

– gives customers possibility to control design, printing process and selected material remotely;
– cuts time and money costs compared to traditional silk screen printing;
– excludes relative colors transformation;
– reduces risks of image distortion as the newest methods of precise digital printing are applied;
– prints directly from image/graphic files which can be transferred digitally via Internet
– turns out to be more profitable for quick and reliable textile printing;
– gives flexibility in the quantity and color range of
– provides full customer satisfaction and fulfills customers’ own design ideas entirely;
– allows design modifications at any moment without postponing order delivery date or significant costs raise ;
-reduces waists volume which is unavoidable when using silk print technology;
-excludes image distortion as it used to happen for analogue contact printing;
– is a cleaner, safer and the least dangerous for the environment technology compared to any other textile printing technologies;
– allows avoiding production of expensive samples and thus gives the possibility to increase effectivenessand profitability of production.
Here you can try to create digitally printed photo products without any special knowledge or experience.


How I created a nice gift for my girlfriend.

February 5, 2009

Is it your girlfriend’s Birthday coming? Valentine’s day? Christmas? Need to buy a present? Got stuck on having to make this unavoidable and stressful choice again ?

Let me tell you how I solved my problem this time.

I was wondering at what should give to my girlfriend…

Give her flowers? – Nope, it is too small, it will not substitute a really nice gift.

Give her jewellery? – Isn’t it too early? It’s not that I do not appreciate my girlfriend, it is just that I am not ready.

Of course, I could give her another sweater, which she would happily exchange for something she would really like in the department store.

Most girls are upset when their parents don’t like their boyfriends, mine was upset because I wasn’t liked by her cat. I decided to give her a thing, which would remind her of me, of her cat, and how I would still be happy to see her, even if she carried her cat with her literally everywhere.

I caught her cat while she was out, got a picture of it, edited the photo a little bit, and turned it into … a really nice silk scarf! (in cooperation with a place for nice photo gifts )

She obtained a really nice present, which nobody else had, totally unexpected, and,

1) from someone she liked;

2) about someone she really liked.

Seeing her happy face was a really nice gift to me!

Lucik, the catThis is what I got

Hello world!

February 5, 2009

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