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Customize your room

April 13, 2009

There are many different ways to customize a room in your house. Obviously, choosing your own decorations and adding your own furnishings and other items will go a long way to giving the room a homely feel. Adding photographs and pictures, as well as personal items will also help to invigorate a room while truly making it your own. A photo pillow with your picture and text on it gives you a unique opportunity to take this one step further. Choose your favourite photograph or picture and have it printed on cotton photo pillow to match exactly any room of the house.
Photographs can be of any subject so you can add some tranquillity to a room by using natural photographs, or you can go all out and let your imagination go completely wild creating the most outlandish design you can think of. Whether you want to celebrate one of your favourite pictures, display one of your own designs, or share one of your favorite photographs you can do any of these things by adding a personalised photo pillow one of the rooms in your home.
Once you’ve taken your measurements and decided on the photograph or picture that you want to use, the next step is ordering the personalized photo pillow. Make sure your picture is a high-resolution good-quality one.
Take the time to choose the right personalized pillow and you’ll have a decoration that lasts a lifetime, preserves a moment in time, or makes a deeply affecting gift. offers stunning and unique way to personalize a room and entire house. Photo pillows may be an amazing decoration which will show your favorite moments of life.


Digital printing vs. traditional printing on textile

February 18, 2009

Here is a short summary on digital vs traditional printing on textile.
Digital printing is known as it

– gives customers possibility to control design, printing process and selected material remotely;
– cuts time and money costs compared to traditional silk screen printing;
– excludes relative colors transformation;
– reduces risks of image distortion as the newest methods of precise digital printing are applied;
– prints directly from image/graphic files which can be transferred digitally via Internet
– turns out to be more profitable for quick and reliable textile printing;
– gives flexibility in the quantity and color range of
– provides full customer satisfaction and fulfills customers’ own design ideas entirely;
– allows design modifications at any moment without postponing order delivery date or significant costs raise ;
-reduces waists volume which is unavoidable when using silk print technology;
-excludes image distortion as it used to happen for analogue contact printing;
– is a cleaner, safer and the least dangerous for the environment technology compared to any other textile printing technologies;
– allows avoiding production of expensive samples and thus gives the possibility to increase effectivenessand profitability of production.
Here you can try to create digitally printed photo products without any special knowledge or experience.